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Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management, Admissions, Records, and In

Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management, Admissions, Records, and Information Services

State Center Community College District

Closing Date: 4/24/2017 at 11:55 PM

Campus Location: District Office

Start Date: 07/03/2017

Essential Functions:
Under administrative direction of the Chancellor and in accordance with provisions of the Education Code, the rules and regulations of the Board of Governors of the California Community College, and the policies of the district, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management, Admissions, Records, and Information Services, plans, organizes, staffs, controls and reports on districtwide enrollment management, outreach, admissions, records, technology functions and serves as the district's Chief Information Systems Officer, the district's Chief Admissions and Records Officer, and Registrar. Associate Vice Chancellor performs the following duties:

  • Assists the Governing Board and Chancellor in the areas of enrollment management, admissions, records, and information services.

  • Responsible for the submission of district reports required by the California Community Colleges and other governmental agencies relative to districtwide and district office information services, admissions, records, and enrollment management.

  • Presents board agenda items related to areas of responsibility.

  • Assists in the development of new board policies and administrative regulations in the areas of responsibility.

  • Implements policies as adopted by the District.

  • Maintains currency in knowledge of general aspects of enrollment management, admissions, records, and information services.

  • Leads the continuous improvements of districtwide enrollment management, admissions, records, and information systems.

  • Develops budget recommendations and administers the budget in the areas of responsibility as approved by the Governing Board.

Districtwide Information Services

  • Overall responsibility for districtwide information services needs of the district, including setting districtwide information services priorities.

  • Convenes meetings to direct and coordinate the districtwide information services needs of the District.

  • Provides leadership for all information services staff regarding districtwide issues including the colleges' Directors of Information Services. On all other issues, the Directors report to the College Presidents.

  • Leads the districtwide Technology Committee.

  • Leads the process of developing and updating the District's Technology Plan and is responsible for carrying out annual action plans to reach districtwide information services goals.

  • Provides input into the performance evaluations of the colleges' Directors of Information Services.

  • With the assistance of the District Director of Information Systems, develops and recommends annual goals and annual action plans to attain district office information services goals.

  • Recommends the purchase of district office information services hardware, software, and consulting services.

  • Supervises and evaluates the District Director of Information Systems.

Enrollment Management, Admissions and Records

  • Assists the District Director of Admissions & Records and Enrolment management in planning and monitoring the admissions, records, outreach and enrollment management functions.

  • Ensures compliance with all federal and State regulations for admissions and records functions districtwide.

  • Works with the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services & Institutional Effectiveness, Vice Chancellor of Finance, Presidents and Vice Presidents of Instruction, Student Services, Administrative Services, and District Director of Admissions & Records and Enrollment management to establish Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES) targets, review FTES projections, and recommend strategies to maximize growth and efficiencies.

  • Works closely with the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services & Institutional effectiveness in areas such as districtwide research, district's data warehouse, academic calendars and other related educational services.

  • Works closely with the Vice Chancellor of Finance to develop funding models that support and maximize growth potential for each instructional site of the District.

  • Provides leadership and direction to the districtwide Matriculation Workgroup, Enrollment Management Committee, District Dual Enrollment Workgroup, and Registration-to-Go process.

  • With the assistance of the District Director of Admissions & Records and Enrollment Management, works closely with the Vice Presidents of Student Services and Deans of Student Services to ensure college outreach activities support the District's enrollment management and recruitment goals.

  • Serves as the District's designated signatory for academic records and reports.

Minimum Qualifications:
  1. Possession of an earned masters degree from an accredited college or university or possession of a valid California Community College Supervisory Credential.
  2. One year of formal training, internship, or leadership experience reasonably related to the administrators administrative assignment.
  3. Demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.

Desirable Qualifications:
Depth of knowledge of and experience in:
  • Technology management and planning
  • Enrollment management
  • Data analysis
  • Student outreach, retention and persistence strategies
  • Student Services and college admissions and records
  • Federal and State regulations related to admissions, registration, and student records
  • Computerization of admissions and records
  • Attendance accounting rules and reporting
  • California Community College finance and budgeting
  • Marketing strategies
  • Outreach strategies

Conditions of Employment:
224 duty days and 22 vacation days for a total of 246 days.

Salary and Benefits:
Salary: $120,563 $151,863 based on education and experience. A doctoral stipend of $2,021 is available. In addition, the District offers an attractive fringe benefit package including medical, dental, and vision coverage for the employee and dependents, and life insurance. Employees are also members of the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS).

Selection Procedure:
Applications will be screened to determine which applicants meet the minimum qualifications as stated in the job announcement.From the applicants who submit all the required documents and who meet the qualifications, a selection advisory committee will determine the candidates who are best qualified based on the minimum and desirable qualifications. They will be invited to interview.The selection advisory committee will rate responses to the interview questions. Based on this rating, a small number of applicants will be selected as the recommended candidates. These candidates will be forwarded to the Chancellor for final interviews. A hiring recommendation will be made by the Chancellor and forwarded to the Board of Trustees of State Center Community College District for final approval.State Center Community College District is an equal opportunity employer. It is our pledge to treat all applicants fairly and equitably in the recruitment and selection process. We endeavor to be a service minded organization and respond, as best we can, to the needs of our applicants and the faculty and administrators we work with in the District.For more information, contact the Human Resources Office, 1525 E. Weldon Avenue, Fresno, California, 93704, (559) 244-5900. For information on State Center Community College District, visit our website at Please refer to Position No. 1512.Submission of application and related materials is the applicants responsibility and must be submitted through the districts online applicant portal. The District reserves the right to re-advertise or to delay indefinitely the filling of a position if it is deemed that the applicants for the position do not constitute an adequate applicant pool or if funding is not available. All application materials are subject to verification. False statements may be cause for disqualification or discharge from employment.

Additional Information:
This is an academic management position, exempt from overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, with responsibility for formulation and implementation of district policies, regulations, budget decisions, and supervision of personnel including assignment of work, evaluation of performance, adjusting grievances, recommending hiring, transfer, suspension, layoff, recall, promotion, and termination.

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State Center Community College District 
Location: Fresno, CA 93704
Document ID: AB102-106F  
Job Type:  Regular

Job Schedule: Full-time

Posted on: 03/24/2017

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