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Accommodations and Accessibility Counselor

General Description: The Accommodations and Accessibility Services Counselor develops, implements and manages a program that provides services that are informed by best practices for working with students with disabilities to discuss, explore and approve accommodations, provide academic, career and transfer advising and personal support for students with disabilities. The counselor evaluates medical and psychological records and recommends appropriate accommodations, assists students with personal concerns and makes referrals to local community agencies. The AAS counselor responds to inquiries from faculty and the public regarding services available for students with disabilities and assists in planning programs and events for incoming students with disabilities and their parents. The Counselor collaborates with faculty, staff and the administration to support students, participates in campus or college committees and special projects as needed. This position reports to the Director of Accommodations and Accessibility  Services.
Duties and Tasks: Administrative Disability Services 
Determine eligibility for services in accordance with section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the ADA and other regulations. 
Maintain accurate and updated records of all students receiving accommodations that are consistent with College practices and federal and state laws. 
Provide ongoing training to faculty and staff in a variety of formats, including but not limited to workshops, webinars, guest speakers, individual consultations and in academic division and discipline meetings. 
Recommend and provide assistive technology hardware and software and refer students to the Assistive Technology Coordinators for assessments and support. 
Collaborate, consult with and advise Testing Centers, Learning Resource Centers, Libraries, and IT on matters related to students’ accommodations. 
Recruit, hire, train and schedule Readers, Scribes and Notetakers. 
Provide academic advising and information for students with disabilities and coordinate referral to specialized individuals and agencies. 
Serve as a member of the staff and attend monthly meetings 
Attend professional development activities within and outside the college to stay updated on changes in the field. 
Counseling and Academic Advising 
Provide academic advising, transfer and career counseling to students with disabilities. Understand and share transfer policies and procedures at other institutions. Teach students to utilize online resources. 
Use PeopleSoft and other college resources in providing academic counseling to students. Collaborate with division offices and faculty members on matters that impact students with disabilities. 
Assist students with conducting online career research and act as a liaison to Career Services staff. 
Ensure that semester course recommendations will be appropriate to the students’ skills, abilities, and non-academic responsibilities. 
Use appropriate software programs at NOVA to maintain data on students served. 
Participate in virtual counseling and advising when serving other campuses. 
Campus Outreach 
Maintain interactions with administration, faculty and staff in a professional and collaborative manner. 
Collaborate with Student Life and other NOVA departments to prepare and present special programs and events. 
Attend programs sponsored by other college departments and offices to share information about Accommodations and Accessibility Services. 
Serve as a liaison with high schools, other colleges, agencies and members of the community. 
Participate in working groups in area high schools and school systems to provide information and to assist in the planning of special events such as Vision, Future Quest, NOVA Night, etc. 
Present at professional development forums for high school faculty and staff. 
Maintain an active and accurate outside-agency referral list. 
Teach two SDV (Student Development) courses each fall and spring semester. 
Develop syllabi and course content using the guidelines set by the SDV cluster group. 
Use Blackboard or other Learning Management System effectively for instruction. 
Submit syllabi to the supervisor before the beginning of each semester. 
Post course information and syllabus in Blackboard before the first class meeting. 
Communicate office hours and availability to students. 
Grade assignments and tests in a timely manner and provide feedback to students so that they can monitor their progress. 
Turn in faculty evaluations for all courses taught. 
Attend training for updates on content, curriculum and the learning management system.
Essential Functions: Demonstrates skill in providing academic, career, personal and transfer counseling to adolescents and adults; making referrals to community agencies and following up with individuals who have been referred; presenting workshops or class sessions. Demonstrates skill in written communication including letters, memos and course materials. Has the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and to manage multiple tasks in a timely manner.

Virginia Community College System 
Location: RichmondVA 23236
Document ID: AF395-3EIJ  
Job Type:  Regular

Job Schedule: Full-time

Posted on: 2021-10-0710/07/2021
Minimum Education: Not Specified

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