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Web Employment Advertising Rates

If multiple postings are selected, you have 365 days to complete your postings.

Single Postings and Tokens

Singe Job PostingUnlimited30 Days$180
6-10 PostingsUnlimited30 Days$150
11-50 PostingsUnlimited30 Days$130
Cross Post from DiversejobsUnlimited30 Days$90
Singe Job PostingUnlimited60 Days$270
6-10 PostingsUnlimited60 Days$240
11-50 PostingsUnlimited60 Days$215
Cross Post from DiversejobsUnlimited60 Days$120
Singe Job PostingUnlimited90 Days$360
6-10 PostingsUnlimited90 Days$305
11-50 PostingsUnlimited90 Days$250
Cross Post from DiversejobsUnlimited90 Days$140

Unlimited Institutional Postings

6 months Unlimited Postings (You Post)Unlimited60 Days$1,550
6 months Unlimited Postings (We Post)*Unlimited60 Days$1,900
1 Year Unlimited Postings (You Post)Unlimited60 Days$2,175
1 Year Unlimited Postings (We Post)*Unlimited60 Days$2,525
1 year of unlimited postings only for the entire institution or company and an employer profile.

Additional Options for

Employer Profile6 months$250
1 year$350
Featured Job (CCNewsNow Homepage)1 week$40
Featured Job (CCNewsNow E-newsletter)1 week$35
Ad highlighted in Search Results (Single Post)1 week$35
Featured Employer, CCNewsNow Homepage1 week$150
2 weeks$250
1 month$450

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